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Weekend in Bacolod

I can't believe that it has been almost two months since I last posted in this blog! I should have at least posted about my weekend in Tanza, a barrio near Bacolod City. I'm doing that now, and the only reason for the not-so-precise title of this post is to get attention since Bacolod is a well known city internationally, because of its Masskara festival held every 2nd week of October.

I had been requested to go to Cebu last month, so passing by a client in Iloilo who has written requests to visit them months ago was finally practical. A team mate with me who would be assigned in Iloilo for some time lives near Bacolod City so I requested to stay at their house for the weekend in between my Iloilo and Cebu trips. We rode a ferry boat from Iloilo to Bacolod, but since Bacolod was not in my official itinerary, I had to shoulder all my expenses in that trip.

My weekend in the house of my team mate was not an ordinary weekend because I had a personal objective unknown even to her. I wanted to know her condition in her own hometown because she will be 60 years old next year and may retire. I wanted to discourage her to retire but I would like to be sure if that will be the best advice I can give her. She has a nice house, but she expressed her desire to renovate her kitchen when she retires. Their barrio looks like a subdivision in Metro Manila. Her siblings and grandchildren by them live next to or near her house so she won't be lonely in case she decides to retire.

Though her hometown is an ideal place for retirement, I hope I can still work with her longer because so many clients expressed their need for her expertise.

I can't end this post without mentioning the sugarcane plantations all around their barrio because I was overwhelmed with the vast area of the plantations. The winds coming from the plantation was very refreshing!.

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