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Probably the real essence of not retiring is not to stop thinking about beautiful ideas and experiences and sharing them.
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What is Tiens?

Yesterday I read a message in Facebook asking me about the company Tiens. There is a lot to be said about this company aside from the recent update that its President, Li Jin Yuan, has expressed to the Phil. Government the plan to build a Tiens factory in the Philippines.

I learned about Tiens in 2007. Late that year, I became curious about a comb gadget a doctor was using on her hair so she told me her story about saving an old man with that gadget while inside a plane. The old man had a severe headache so the flight stewardess called for a doctor on board. She volunteered, and using the comb gadget, combed the scalp of the man for 5 minutes. The man was comforted and his headache disappeared. The doctor learned that the man had a mild stroke in the past. After maybe six months, I had the opportunity to visit the office of Tiens in the Philippines, Tianshi Phils., where the comb massage gadget can be bought. I learned that it is technically called Hypotension Apparatus, though it doesn't only regulate blood pressure whether it is high or low, but also relieves arthritic pain or any pain in any part of the body.

I started to attend the trainings in Tianshi Phils., one of the branches of Tiens which has offices in 110 countries. It has 9 factories worldwide which include one in Spain, one in Russia, one in U.S. and another one in Indonesia. More factories are to be built, like in Japan, Hungary, and the Philippines. The biggest factories are found in China, which will be part of the Tiens International Health Industrial Park, a 500 hectares area to be launched in August 2010. Tiens received several awards for its modern biotechnology, from different organizations like United Nations, and has all the certifications for high quality, food safety and pharmaceutical safety like HACCP in 2007, ISO 2000-2005, Halal, Kosher,etc. It has acquired leading manufacturing equipments from Germany, U.S., France and Japan.

So much can be said about the company, but people who have used their products have much, much more to say, and that includes me, my family and relatives. For instance, the walking carpet removed the varicose veins of my mother-in-law who patiently walks on it for 30 minutes everyday. I no longer use analgesics because any kind of pain can be relieved by our comb gadget or the "Tong Bao" which is a modern green acupuncture gadget. "Green" because it is safe and needleless.

I had a lot of wonderful experiences to share about the supplements of Tiens. Chitosan reversed my bad and good cholesterol within two weeks (good became higher, and the bad lower), and Cordyceps Mycelium restored the strength I had before I underwent hysterectomy in the year 2000. Tiens Zinc always acted as a "turbo" whenever any of us is sick, so that colds wouldn't take longer than one week. We give Tiens Spirulina to our special child Lyca, which is now the source of her vitamins and other required nutrients. Unlike the other Spirulina in the market, we are sure that the Tiens brand is from an unpolluted source and that can be proven by the liver profile we regularly have, because the results even show improvement.

When you get the comb massage gadget, you better read the accompanying brochure well because it was only lately when we read that it can improve the condition of cerebral paralysis. Our special child has cerebral palsy and though we are still planning to ask her doctor if cerebral paralysis is the same as cerebral palsy, we can't wait but to try it on her. She usually have seizures while sleeping which can be manifested by the hardening of her legs. Just recently, whenever there were a number of times during the day I let her hold the comb like a cellphone (there are many acupoints on the ear), and I also would place it on top of her head, I noticed her legs were easy to bend while sleeping at night, and that will be a good news to her doctor when we see her two months from now.

The best things about Tiens are all these good news about health and wellness that can be shared to you people, and I am more than glad that I have that opportunity through this blog, and of course the opportunity to invite you to join me or my network which I intend to train and monitor full time starting this February. The last but not least good news is Tiens doesn't want any member to be stressed so there is no quota, membership is lifetime, points are cumulative, rebates are high, a 550 pesos minimum purchase per month starts only for a leader who already has a big network, and most of all, membership is only 1,000 pesos, with a free product and catalog.

It was in the early 1990s when I was introduced to network marketing or MLM and learned how it can fulfill the dreams of a Filipino. Years after that, I was disappointed because the original goals of MLM became diluted and seemed to have changed. But when I joined TIENS in 2007, I could see the truth in the real objectives of network marketing and how several people from other countries realized their dreams through TIENS. The true Filipino dream is no longer far from reality, with the help of TIENS!


Ollie said...

Hello Maria

I am here on business from Botswana and have been talking to a friend about Tiens. But my limitation was I did not where to refer her once I'm gone back which in two days' time. So where is the nearby office or specialty shop or banner store?

I am staying at Stargate along Adriatico Road few metres from Robinson Mall in Malate Area. Please direct me so I can give her the directions or take her there possibly. Also can I perhaps leave her under your care once I'm gone?

My e-mail address is <obm057@yahoo.com and phone is 0921 738-3784 Thank you!

Jordan Ursulum said...

how to join tiens?