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Fighting a fever without medicines

This is the first time I fought with fever without medicines, and as I write this, the fight is over. My special needs child, Lyca, has been taking mood stabilizers and medicines to alleviate seizures and for her to take more medicines for fever or colds will again add burden to her kidneys and liver. So I tried to use what I learned from TCM to fight her fever. The easiest way was to use the comb gadget of Tiens by combing it from one acupoint to another, that is, from LI-11 found at the end of the crease of the fold above the elbow to LI-4 found at the junction of the thumb and index finger (see illustrations). The large intestine meridian is a Yang meridian and going against the path of the meridian (from a high numbered acupoint to a lower one, like LI-11 to LI-4) will reduce the excess Yang which causes fever. I also used the needleless acupuncture of Tiens, the Tong Bao, on the same acupoints, reducing their Yang-ness by counterclockwise rotation.

It was amusing to note the differences between taking paracetamol and just stimulating the acupoints. With paracetamol, fever will disappear but temperature will rise again after 4 hours and it can be as high as 39 degrees centigrade. That was the usual effect on Lyca, and she would look really sick. This time, just stimulating her acupoints, the temperature was more constant, fluctuating from 37.5 to 38 degrees centigrade. Lyca remained naughty so it was hard to give her the supplements that could help, like the Zinc Plus (with honey and albumin) which will boost her immune system, and hi-calcium powder for children, both from Tiens also, because she would laugh while drinking them (mixed with warm water). My patience was tested so it was a tough fight that went on for four days. For all I know it could be a fight with a flu, not just fever.

Tomorrow, July 24, is Lyca's eight birthday. I will stay at home with her the whole day, to make sure that her fever won't come back. I know that my two grown up children whose choir will have a concert tomorrow will understand.


Maria Luisa Taa Venida said...

The second time my child had fever, I was more confident to use the comb gadget because I knew it will work, and it did!

I can't remember having fever for the last 3 years or perhaps it was prevented by the comb gadget which my husband and I use regularly as comb. We haven't taken any analgesics for more than 2 years now. We now use the comb gadget for our special child whenever there is an opportunity so hopefully she won't have fever anymore too. Her last "imbalance" was sore eyes that I was able to limit to 2 days by using the Acupoint Treasure or "Tong Bao" on her eye acupoints. How I wish I was able to take photos of before and after!

Maria Luisa Taa Venida said...

The same procedure for fever can be done for colds and cough too but a part of the metal cogs of the comb gadget should touch the portion of the arm slightly after the middle portion of the inside arm, where the lung meridian runs (LU-5 to LU-7). The procedure for the fever touches the side of the arm where the large intestine meridian (LI-11 to LI-4). Isn't that amazing? A two-in-one therapy using the comb gadget.