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A Family Choir

After we sang the communion songs at this Sunday's morning mass at the Loyola Grand Villas chapel, there was an announcement that a plaque will be given, and we were surprised that the plaque was for us, the Venida Family Choir, “for their selfless sharing of their valuable time and marvelous talent, as they sing in our regular Sunday morning masses”.

After the mass, we tried to count how many years have passed since we started singing at the LGV Chapel as a family choir. The youngest member of the choir who was my husband's nephew and lives at the subdivision where the chapel is, was not yet a member of the choir because he was an acolyte assisting the priest, when we started. He was still in the primary grade level during that time, until he became old for an acolyte and could already join the choir. He has graduated in Pre-med school and now in his second year in Medicine Proper. In short, we've been singing in this chapel as a family choir for more than ten years already. My daughter is the director and an alto, my son a bass, my husband the guitarist and I am a soprano. There are times though when my daughter and I would exchange voices or would shift to just one voice, alto or soprano, depending on the need. Other members of the choir like the doctor-to-be, are the first cousins of my children, and then one member is a boyfriend of a family member, another one a girlfriend of my son.

Some members of the choir are also members of other choirs like my daughter and son and his girlfriend who are members of Novo Concertante Manila, while the doctor-to-be and her sister are members of Bukas Palad. That is the reason why the Venida Family Choir can sing well even without practicing.

In my case, I try to be always present during the performances of my children's choir so I can emulate their voices. And I'm very thankful that I am a member of a family choir because it really helped improve my voice. Every time we sing during the mass, I silently express how grateful I am. Of course the songs that we sing helped too.I liked songs that can express one's feelings but I realized that the best songs that can do that are the ones that praise God or are really prayers, not just songs.

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