I Dont Want To Retire!

Probably the real essence of not retiring is not to stop thinking about beautiful ideas and experiences and sharing them.
I aspire to inspire with God's Good News to mankind, health and wellness, and many more.


Eight Powers of the Soul

The eight powers of the soul are developed through positive thinking and meditation. These powers are not hidden, they can be felt by others and can be sources of inspiration to them so they too can change themselves and become powerful. Just realizing these powers which I learned from Raja Yoga at Brahma Kumaris gives me great happiness. Anyone can attain these powers through meditation, which is the main objective of Raja Yoga.

The power to WITHDRAW thoughts is possible even while performing action. During any task, one can withdraw his thoughts so often and return to a state of inner peace. In this way thoughts do not continue to be involved when not absolutely necessary and no mental effort is wasted. We need this power to listen effectively to others. This is a true controlling power and brings us great strength.

The power to PACK-UP waste thoughts means we can “travel light”, not carrying around negative and wasteful thoughts and that will keep us free from mental and physical tiredness. This economy brings us power and a completely positive outlook.

The power of DISCERNMENT is the ability to give correct values to our thoughts, words and actions and those of others. Just as a jeweler can discriminate false from real diamonds, so should we be able to keep positive, worthwhile thoughts and disregard harmful ones. It is negative thoughts which often cloud discernment, and we can eliminate them through meditation.

The power to JUDGE allows us to take clear, quick, accurate and unbiased decisions. For this we need to be above the influence of situations, emotions and opinions of others and have clear understanding of what is right and what is wrong. Meditation provides this strength and clarity of intellect through greater self-understanding and a detached perspective.

The power to TOLERATE difficulties involves going beyond the influence of negative situations, being able not to react, even in thoughts. If someone offers me insult, criticism or anger, or if there is physical suffering, I remain peaceful and happy with the power to tolerate. On the basis of soul consciousness, I will be able to give love like the fruit on a tree which, when pelted with sticks and stones, gives its fruits in return.

The power to ACCOMMODATE is the ability to be above any clash of personality or nature, to be able to mould and adjust myself as the situation requires. I should not be one to create conflict in any situation. Just as an ocean can accommodate all the rivers flowing into it, so should I not reject anyone or anything. I can instead change relationships or circumstances through the power of good wishes.

The power to FACE obstacles in life is developed through meditation wherein we experience our original nature of peace and become detached from the consciousness of the body. We are then able to observe and see beyond problems and difficulties, and discover a positive side to something which seems totally negative. This gives us the strength to face situations.

The power to COOPERATE with others requires seeing others as our brothers and sisters. It also requires recognizing the specialties of others as well as our limitations. A task will be accomplished if we put our specialties and energies together. This creates unity and strength within a group, making any task seem easy. The power of many brings great success and great happiness.

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