I Dont Want To Retire!

Probably the real essence of not retiring is not to stop thinking about beautiful ideas and experiences and sharing them.
I aspire to inspire with God's Good News to mankind, health and wellness, and many more.


Answered Prayers

In the past, I had wanted a child to help me forget my frustrations in life so I asked God for a child. It was a conditional prayer because I didn’t want the child to come from my adult offspring believing they were still young to settle down. Neither could I bear a child because my uterus was removed by operation. I realized it was an impossible prayer so I considered it a joke. "Just a joke, I told God".

I was surprised that God still answered my conditional prayer after a year, by giving me a child circumstances dictated me not to refuse. Weighing only one pound at birth, she was not expected to be a normal child, she wasn’t even expected to live for one day. But she fought and is continuously fighting to live so she will be ten years old, four months from now.

I fought with this child and God taught me how. God led me to learn what I thought was impossible for me to assimilate: the principles of acupuncture. The time was also right because electronic or needleless gadgets based on the principles of acupuncture were already available.

After learning enough about the principles of acupuncture and other information about health and wellness, I prayed for an integrative medicine barely a year ago, meaning integrating Oriental medicine with Western Medicine, but I really meant Traditional Chinese Medicine with Western Medicine. The former for prevention and maintenance while the latter for emergency cases and maintenance of chronic cases. I knew the integration wasn’t impossible, all it needs are guidelines but I was surrounded by people who had negative thoughts about it.

I couldn’t believe I am now involved in an Integrative Medicine project of the government. Circumstances led me to be involved in an organization promoting part of my country’s cultural arts in the field of health and wellness. "Hilot Pinoy Association of the Philippines" is a non-government non-profit organization which aims to revive the traditional Philippine healing modality better known as "hilot", and the organization is willing to upgrade this traditional "touch therapy" by integrating holistic modalities accredited by the Philippine government like Traditional Chinese Medicine. The organization painstakingly did everything possible to uplift "Hilot" and later enable our country’s Western medicine doctors to supervise "Hilot" practitioners. A well organized and documented "Hilot" modality can be the best vehicle of all modalities to be integrated in my own beloved country. I am proud that our traditional Philippine healing modality will live and can exist forever in our country through Integrative Medicine, and vice versa.

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