I Dont Want To Retire!

Probably the real essence of not retiring is not to stop thinking about beautiful ideas and experiences and sharing them.
I aspire to inspire with God's Good News to mankind, health and wellness, and many more.


Overwhelming Blessings

Whenever I meditate about the things that are happening in my life today, I realize that there are overwhelming blessings coming one after another. Overwhelming because I couldn't single out who to thank or what caused a good thing to happen.

Perhaps I just came to the point where I'd like to count my blessings, instead of counting my disappointments. Life has been difficult, but it bore good fruits I didn't even think I deserved. These fruits didn't include money that will make us live comfortably, but they contained tastes of peace and contentment.

Though I don't have the luxury of time even to pray everyday, I like to pray whenever I can. I wasn't like that in the past so I think that is a sign that I am now ready to recognize my blessings.

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