I Dont Want To Retire!

Probably the real essence of not retiring is not to stop thinking about beautiful ideas and experiences and sharing them.
I aspire to inspire with God's Good News to mankind, health and wellness, and many more.


Let Mali Stay in Philippines

Elephant Mali has stayed in the Philippines' Manila Zoo for 36 years after she was brought to this country when she was 3 years old. She is now 39 years old and if she was brought up in the wild or in the forest, she would have just one more year to live. But since she was under domestication in the zoo, she can live longer, and can even possibly live till 75 years old.

The newly elected mayor of Manila, Mayor Erap Estrada, has wonderful plans for Mali and the whole Manila Zoo. A new foot gear for Mali is of course on the list. and the upgrading of her habitat, with the possible inclusion of "friends".

Transferring Mali will just subject her to stress and might not even reach the destination alive. For 36 years, she has adapted to a life with a lot of people around. She has heard the laughter of children who had fed her with fruits or vegetables. Just like my special child on the photo who is blind and has cerebral palsy, but kept laughing while feeding Mali because she could feel the "sucking air" from the snout of Mali to get the banana from her hand. Mali surely has a happy soul because she had made so many people happy, even those with disabilities.

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