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God's Birthday Gift to Lyca

 Even before Lyca's 12th birthday last July 24, God's birthday gift for her was already waiting to be picked-up in a warehouse. It was a wheelchair custom made for her special needs.

Lyca's stroller doesn't fit her anymore, a pillow has to be placed on the seat to lessen its "C" curve that caused her scoliosis, and the strap of her bag serves as its head rest.
At last, a new wheelchair though large to be brought inside the car, was custom fit to correct Lyca's scoliosis and the thigh position she got used to which is prone to hip dislocation.
The wheelchair has fixed thin pads under the arms
 to keep her from leaning on one side..
A foot rest based on the length of Lyca's legs 

And a pad at the middle of the seat to
correct the position of Lyca's hips and legs
A head rest measured exactly for Lyca's head...

Dra. Maria Regina Cunanan-Espinosa did all the measuring.

The wheelchair has harness and table top too

How we wish we can bring this wheelchair with Lyca 
wherever she goes !

Thank you Dra. Espinosa and UCP Wheels for Humanity!
Thank you Latter-Day Saint Charities!  Thank you Lord!!


rea may apostol said...

hi ma'am,
hope you don't mind me asking saan po kayo nagpagawa ng wheelchair for your daughter Lyca? She is a beautiful child i must say. :)
Thank you po in advance.

Maria Luisa Taa Venida said...

Hi Rea, sorry for the delay of this response, pinacheck-up lang namin si Lyca sa Philippine Orthopedic then sila na ang bahala pati yung paghanap ng sponsor nung wheelchair. Si Dra. Espinosa ang naging doctor ni Lyca.