I Dont Want To Retire!

Probably the real essence of not retiring is not to stop thinking about beautiful ideas and experiences and sharing them.
I aspire to inspire with God's Good News to mankind, health and wellness, and many more.


God Keeps Saying "I Love You!"

Last weekend, after a week of being too busy watching on the television to listen to Pope Francis’ messages while in our country, we discovered that the banana trees in our backyard have a total of 3 bundles of banana fruits.

The third bundle that we discovered was hidden by the “calamansi” tree's trunk and leaves, and we didn’t notice that the heart of this bundle of bananas dried up but the fruits are now very healthy. Upon discovering that there were three bundles, not just two, the first thing that entered my mind was “maybe God wanted to say “I love you” again". Not just to me, but the whole of mankind, like He said during my conversation with Him on June 12, 2001. The photo at the left shows the three bundles though not so clear because they were hidden by leaves. The first that we saw was the one in line with the window on the photo (lower right), the second almost right above me while taking the photo (top right of photo) and the third slightly covered by the banana leaf at the middle left of the photo.

A few months ago, the calamansi tree nearest to the house bore extra large fruits, around 5 times the normal size. It used to bore several small fruits until it began to bore an extra large one along with the regular ones, then another extra large fruit still with the regular ones (shown in a photo here), until there were no more regular fruits, just 3 extra large fruits. Maybe that was September of last year, 2014, and in my thoughts was “maybe God wanted to say “I love you” again!”. The juice of the giant fruit tasted like a mixed juice, so that there was no need to mix it with sugar and water to make a juice! In the video below, we were giving our special child the juice direct from the fruit (the left and right head movement is a mannerism of this blind child with cerebral palsy and had no meaning).

The photo at the left was the calamansi tree whose last fruits were three extra large ones,  an example of these fruits is shown bigger than the egg and the regular calamansi fruits in the above photos They were taken around September of last year, and during that time the banana trees were still few and low.

Next to the point where I shot this photo of the calamansi tree was the laundering sink where I was cleaning mineral stones while conversing with God in 2001. There were just a few plants on the soil where these trees grew, during that time. When God said in my thoughts on that day that the cure to all diseases are abundant and are just around us, I looked at the exact place where these trees grew and thought that He meant the plants, but also realized later that He could also be referring to the sunlight (at the right times of the day) and the magnetic fields of the earth.

After God said “I love you” when I asked what message He would like to tell mankind through the number of small mineral stones I was cleaning which turned out to be 143 stones in all, so many extraordinary events happened, like the birth of a special child inside our house, whom we later adopted.  I realized that through this child, God proved His love for all of us in the small compound where we live consisting of two households.  I requested for a child during my conversation with Him to help me forget about disappointments, but when I realized that the child could only come from my daughter who was still too young at that time,  I told God “I was just joking”.  But after a year,  on July 24, 2002, a child was born inside our house by our housekeeper. This child was expected to be a special one since she was not even expected to live during birth because of her size which was just one pound!

Years after, circumstances led me to be very much involved in health and wellness and gradually learned how to stimulate the natural healing process of the body. It seemed that I was being prepared to be a therapist of our special child, and also be able to take care of my own health and my husband’s for the child’s welfare. We need to remain strong and healthy to be able to take care of this child whose mission or missions only God knows, all I know is God keeps saying “I love you!” to mankind.

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