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The Modern Three Kings (with Two Queens)

Christmas is not complete without the symbolic giving of gifts by the Three Kings to Baby Jesus. A photo of some family members that I shot last Christmas Day reminded me of the Feast of the Epiphany or the story of the Three Kings, but analyzing the photo further even gave me a more symbolic picture – a modern picture of the Three Kings, but this time with two queens.

Women now play very important roles in the society and that explains why my symbolic photo includes the Two Queens. Here’s how I’d like to interpret the photo:

As an offering to Baby Jesus, the First King brought a dog. Perhaps some animals can be more taken cared of by women and that’s how I want to explain why there is a Queen who brought a cat as well. The Second King brought a special child, but perhaps women are more caring as far as relationships are concerned, so the Queen at the back brought her sweetheart. The Third King brought some special food like Yam Jam, Christmas Bread Pudding and Russian Salad.

To summarize my interpretation, What the Three Kings and Two Queens are offering to Jesus are their love for the things they brought, like the love for animals or pets, love for the partner, love not just for the ordinary child but for the special needs child or people as well, and last but not least, love and gratitude for the graces of God, like the special food we were able to serve last Christmas. I think that was the best interpretation I’ve given so far, about a very simple photo!

Happy Modern Three Kings !!!

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