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25 things about me

I was tagged by my daughter to do this "25 random things" about me in Facebook. At first I said 25 is too many, but when I reached the 25th no., I felt there are still a lot I'd like to include, but I have to stick to 25 since I'm also supposed to tag 25 people to publish his or her 25 random things. Since I don't have many friends in Facebook yet, I'd like to include some bloggers because I also would like to know what can be the 25 random things about them. Here are the 25 random things about me:

1. I want to be all I can be but time is just not enough.

2. I want to continue my Interior Design course but I also want to have enough time for Lyca, my special needs child.

3. I also want to continue learning about Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). So far, it is the most enlightening field of study that interests me.

4. I also want to study web designing and SEO.

5. I’ve removed some of my wrinkles in my profile’s photo using Adobe Photoshop. My goal is to remove them through TCM so I won’t have to edit my photo next time. I’ve already seen an improvement.

6. I joined a singing contest when I was 6 years old. I was supposed to sing a song titled “Maybe this year”, but many contestants ahead of me sang that song so I changed my song to “Sampaguitang Mahal”, a 30-second Tagalog song.

7. My talent in drawing was discovered by my aunt when I did my “Birds” project when I was in Grade school. My aunt was so glad with the drawings that she volunteered to paint them with watercolor.

8. In my very first school card, my name was “Marilu”, which was really my nickname. The people in our house gave me another nickname, Lulu, which became Lulubelle, because of the yellowbell flowers we had beside our door.

9. My given name is really Maria Luisa but my birth certificate was burned together with the municipal hall in my birth place, Kidapawan City, (Philippines' "City of Fruits"), so registration of my birth was repeated before I was enrolled in college.

10. In college, I introduced another nickname, “Malu”, which I’ve used until I was employed in San Miguel Corp. (SMC), my last employer.

11. My interest in Feng Shui increased when two mechanical engineers of San Miguel Corp. conducted a Feng Shui seminar in SMC and told stories how Feng Shui improved their lives from the time they were students in Mapua Institute of Technology. They decided to develop expertise in Feng Shui even while working as plant engineers.

12. Based on the number formula for names of the two Engineer-Feng Shui experts, they recommended that I change my nickname since “Malu” or “Malou” is not so favorable with my marital surname.

13. My airplane board pass always reflected the name “Malui”, obviously the first 5 characters of Ma Luisa, the name the airline always type every time I book a flight. Because of that, an officemate called me “Malui” which I thought sounded good, so I introduced this as my new nickname.

14. It was my grandmother who taught me how to sing, maybe when I was 3 or 4. We were in the garden one evening and there was a firefly so she taught me the “Firefly” song.

15. I learned to play the ukelele when I was 6 and I think it was my aunt who taught me.

16. I also learned to play the guitar, when I was in high school.

17. I was forced to join a singing contest during my first year in college and I played the guitar while singing. I won the “Most Promising Singer” award.

18. While in college, I joined our neighborhood’s choir, “The Samaritans”, together with my first boyfriend, who became my husband (Lauren’s father).

19. While a member of “The Samaritans Choir”, I began to sing the songs of the Carpenters and since then, I became a copycat of Karen Carpenter. The Samaritans Choir also sang songs of the Carpenters, with me as soloist.

20. After sending my children to arts classes, I felt that maybe I should also enhance my talent in this area, so I also attended art classes later. My real talent is in sketching portraits.

21. I’ve encountered a lot of miracles in this lifetime. The first was when I passed the competitive scholarship exams at Centro Escolar University. Nationwide, less than 20 students passed and were given four years full scholarship by this school.

22. The second miracle was when I pass├ęd the Medical Technology Board exams and got high grades in the exams. I can remember some items in the exam that should be answered in essay form but I had no idea about the answers. I tried anyway and was surprised that what I had answered were correct and can be found in the book

23. The third miracle was after taking the Board exams, I passed another scholarship test for computer courses at the National Computer Institute, a government funded institution located in Camp Aguinaldo at that time.

24. The fourth miracle was when I was experiencing a midlife crisis. I conversed with God and He proved it was He who was conversing with me by answering my question “what is His message to mankind?” through the number of stones I was cleaning. His answer was 143.

25. The fifth and perhaps greatest miracle I experienced so far was when God proved how much He loves me when I asked for a child when I conversed with Him in item 24, because after a year, Lyca was born inside our house.

If you feel you'll also enjoy doing this 25 random things about you, consider yourself tagged and then please include your link to your 25 random things through the comments portion of this post. I'll be very eager to know about them!

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Maria Teresa Tandiama said...

When I read the 25 things about you on your blog, I tried making my own list. Since you shared yours I would like to share mine as well. But before that I would like to let you know the reason why I added your daughter to my friend list. I saw her at RBI last February when I dropped by to purchase a magnifier. A week after, I came across your blog by accident. I was amazed. Then I saw her account on Facebook. I do hope to meet you as well. Thank you!

1. My name is Maria Teresa H. Tandiama
2. I am 27 years old
3. My mother contracted german measles when she pregnant to me
4. I was born with vision and hearing impairments. My left eye is totally blind while my right eye has low vision (I use magnifying in reading). My left ear is totally deaf , my right ear can hear with thw hwlp of hearing aid.
5. I am not able to complete my tertiary education due to financial constraints.
6. I wish to become a special education teacher and an advocate for the rights of persons with disabilities.
7. I have an aunt who has a mental disability, and she is the only female among my dad’s siblings.
8. My passion is teaching. I wish my dream could come true.
9. Reading is one of my favorite hobbies. I take delight in reading interesting, informative and inspirational books and blogs like yours. I always want to learn new things.
10. Apart from reading, I like surfing the net, talking with friends, watching TV, listening to music and many more.
11. I like collecting books, bags, and photos which I organize in an album
12. I may not be intelligent in the world’s standards, but I am willing to learn. I want to broaden my knowledge.
13. It is my joy to meet inspiring people.
14. Because I have vision and hearing impairment I learned how to write and read Braille and how to communicate in Sign Language.
15. Last 2012 was my first time to join an essay Braille contest for visually impaired in my entire life and i won 2nd place. That was the Onkyo Essay Braille contest in Japan.
16. My father has a Chinese blood in his father side and Spanish blood in his mother side.
17. It’s my first time to join the World Deaf-Blind Conference last 2013 held here in Tagaytay, Philippines. I was bit nervous because all of the deaf-blind there are foreigner. I was with RBI, the other Filipino delegates and my mom as my guide.
18. I have no favorite actors, actress, singer and author but I have favorite songs and movies.
19. When I was in elementary and High School my classmates thought /I am rich because of my fair complexion and my things are nice.
20. I like writing essay than poetry.
21. I want to travel in Paris France, Barcelona Spain, Disney land in Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan.
22. I like paintings
23. I like dancing though I am not good in dancing.
24. I am not good writer and no passion for that but I enjoying writing essays about persons with disabilities to advocate their rights.
25. My only brother is 10 years older than me