I Dont Want To Retire!

Probably the real essence of not retiring is not to stop thinking about beautiful ideas and experiences and sharing them.
I aspire to inspire with God's Good News to mankind, health and wellness, and many more.


Swine flu and Pacquiao

For the past two weeks, we were scared by the swine flu virus. I did my homework for several days by researching all I need to know about this virus and how to prevent and treat it in case it hits the Philippines. Perhaps I was overloaded with information that I didn't know which of those information would be most valuable to share.

Until yesterday. I and maybe the rest of the world who have watched the Paquiao-Hatton fight were glad how the fight turned out. It was over in a flash but it was an amazing fight that I know will be hard to forget.

How I wish there is a Pacman like Pacquiao who can extinguish in a flash the likes of swine flu virus. But there's more to reality, and Manny Paquiao should be our model. He has prepared himself extensively for the fight, and for any fight. We should do the same for our fight with the swine flu virus or for any virus still to come.

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