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Hope for Type 2 diabetics

I was finally hired and I'll probably talk about some details in my employment some other time. That is the reason why I wasn't able to post in this blog for the past ten days, and most probably, my weekly posting might now be a bimonthly posting.

Anyway, for this post, I'm somewhat glad that it came later because I'll still be in line with my "Bloggers Unite" entry, "Hunger and Hope", where I talked about the source of hope for hunger, which is Spirulina, the blue-green algae, and the United Nations organization, the Intergovernmental Institution for the use of Micro-algae Spirulina against Malnutrition (IIMSAM). This organization hopes that Spirulina would save the lives of almost 900 million people worldwide that are affected by malnutrition.

The good news is that Spirulina can save not only the lives of malnourished people, but the lives of Type 2 diabetics as well. It is ironic that most Type 2 diabetics for sure, are not malnourished, since they most probably acquired their diabetis from the food they eat. Their diabetes can be reversed, by eating nothing but spirulina, like the astronauts do. But they have to look for the purest and unpolluted Spirulina they can find, and if they can afford to buy any food, then they can also afford the purest uncultured brand.

A doctor who was a diabetic himself, have tried several brands of spirulina and assures that the Tiens or Tianshi brand is the purest brand that can cure a Type 2 diabetic by taking 5 capsules during breakfast, lunch and supper. Change of lifestyle is a must, meaning eat only low GI foods and exercise even by just walking for at least 30 minutes everyday. Those with alarming levels or complications should eat only spirulina for breakfast and lunch and just eat low GI foods during supper. Self-discipline is very important for an afflicted diabetic to be healed.

United Nations and World Health Organization recommends spirulina as safe and nutritious (even for children). I have special hopes for my special child, Lyca, so I give her one gram of Tianshi spirulina everyday.

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