I Dont Want To Retire!

Probably the real essence of not retiring is not to stop thinking about beautiful ideas and experiences and sharing them.
I aspire to inspire with God's Good News to mankind, health and wellness, and many more.


My Roots

One of the original objectives of this blog was to talk about my hobbies, which was fulfilled in a few posts. I've talked about painting as a hobby, but it was painting the house I wrote about, not painting on canvas, which I decided to defer.

With the new job that I have, I found a deeper objective to publish my first portrait oil painting. It is not my self portrait but the portrait of my late famous aunt, Rio Diaz, who died of cancer. It was Rio Diaz who inspired me to write, and to continue her legacy of inspiring people through writing.

I believe that it was from the genes of my grandmother where I got my talent in arts. I was referring to my grandmother who belong to the Diaz and Abellera clans of La Union, a province in the Ilocos region of the Luzon island in the Philippines. The company where I now belong is based in San Fernando, La Union. Most of my work mates came from this province (not officemates since we are usually scattered in the offices of clients nationwide), so it is not surprising if some of them could be my relatives.

I also belong to the Catriz clan of Ilocos Sur, Vigan. If there is a province I would like to spend my vacation once in a while, it is this province of beautiful antique houses. Unfortunately, I heard that most members of the Catriz clan are now in the United States, but there is one left in Vigan, one of the parish priests there, Rev. Reyes, whose mother is a Catriz.

Probably my technical abilities came from the genes of the Taa clan which originated from the Gandeza clan of Abra, another province in the Ilocos region. Most of my relatives in the Taa clan have professions either in Information Technology or in the electronics industry.

Last but not least, I belong to the Balolong clan of Pangasinan. One characteristic of this clan, I noticed, is the principle that the father should be a good provider, and the head of a family of well disciplined members.

My only hope for these clans where I belong is for the good values and the talents of each clan be sustained and even enhanced, while the bad practices or habits be eliminated. My given name was taken from my father's name who belongs to the "Taa" clan. It fitted me because I turned out to be an IT professional, but I also want to remember that the love for arts is in my blood. Thus I am now using the nickname only my mother and siblings and the people who took care of me used to call me, the name "Lubel". The "bel" part reminds me of two Isabels, one is my mother who is an artist herself, while the other one is a famous painter, Isabel Diaz, the sister of Rio and Gloria Diaz, two famous beauty queens.

Little did my mother know that her story about an aunt who owns an art gallery in New York, who turned out to be Isabel Diaz, plus her charcoal drawing of me when I was a child, will inspire me to recognize that I also have the same talent and love for arts.

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georgina said...

What an honor, what a compliment to see your rendering of Rio s portrait. She still lives in all our hearts. what faith has brought her to walk the hardest mile, to face death and say goodbye each day to all her children and hardest to her love of her life Charlie.