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The Right Choice

I was making a choice from two possibilities, only to realize later that what I should choose is not among the two. How many times did that happen to you?

In my case, I couldn't count how many and I thought I was through with that, at my age. Now I realize that at this age where the offspring are already adults, the more a person can be undecided because he or she becomes more considerate of other people. Even when choosing products for health for example, even if a health product is the best for the condition of a person, but if the manufacturer is a competitor of the company of a son or daughter, a person tends to forget about this product that can surely cure him or her.

That's life I guess, but when the life of a person is at stake, that is very sad. If only choices in life can be made "online", there will be less meddling and one's intuition will prevail. There's a big chance the right choice will be made. Of course not in all cases.

It's just good that certain choices can really be made online, like choosing products such as medical scrubs. For medical practitioners, life can be very stressful because they deal with lives. Choosing their uniforms should not add to the stress of their daily routines. They can now get a medical scrub uniform with a click and they can buy scrubs online from a scrubs store that offers several designs to choose from.

What a convenient way of making the right choice!

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zunnur said...

Thanks a lot to the internet that has made searching for choice easy. I hate going around from one shop to another to hear the promoters trying hard to sell their products.