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He died a Toastmaster

I was referring to my father, Luis Taa, better known as “Louie” or "Louie Boy", who died yesterday morning at the age of 82. His 5-year old cancer did not add more years to his life. These might be straightforward statements but that was part of my learning from Toastmasters Club, which my father had been convincing me to join for more than two years. I finally decided to be a member in 2003 and also persuaded my daughter to join too. My Toastmasters Club experience lasted only for 3 years but it brought about a big change in my life, and that is to be the best I can be. In those 3 years, I followed my father's footsteps by becoming an officer of Makati Toastmasters Club. I also joined Toastmasters Club contests where I won a place in some. During those years, my father was the wind beneath my wings.

The last time I was able to visit Dad was last month. Through a text message, he complained about a constant pain on his waist and asked me for a remedy I might know, since I have acquired some knowledge in TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine. He was bedridden during the first and second time I visited him that month, but during the second which was also the last time, he did not look like in pain. He was speaking in straight English, I haven't heard a single word in Tagalog so I jokingly said, "Are we in a Toastmasters Club meeting?" and he answered, "Yes, we are!". I then jokingly told my companions that we are in a TMC meeting and nobody should speak in Tagalog. After some time, I brought my special child to him, so we could "pray over" him, and I let my child hold his hand. My child couldn't control her grip because of cerebral palsy, so while we were praying, Dad said, "masakit!" referring to the grip of my child. If we were not praying, I could have reminded him of his offense because he uttered a Tagalog word.

A year after being operated and diagnosed with cancer of the colon, Dad looked strong and healthy until he was able to resume attending the Toastmasters Club meetings. If only the meetings finish early in the evening, he would have continuously attended the meetings. It was his loved ones who suggested he stop attending them so he could always rest early at night.

Though before we left on that last visit I could already sense his suffering because he vomited, my last memory of my father was as a real Toastmaster. He was jolly and made his guests laugh the whole time, a part of the task of the "host of the evening" in TMC meetings. I guess his comembers in Manila Bay Toastmasters Club can imagine how he did that. I had colds during the week before his death so I was not able to visit him again. So that was my last view of him alive, a Toastmaster, lively and witty!

"Once a Toastmaster, always a Toastmaster!"

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Blackdove said...

Sorry to learn of your dad's passing. Didn't you ask me once if I know Dinah (or was that Brooks) Loomis?
Yes, I know the couple from previous TM demo meetings. I doubt though if they still remember me.