I Dont Want To Retire!

Probably the real essence of not retiring is not to stop thinking about beautiful ideas and experiences and sharing them.
I aspire to inspire with God's Good News to mankind, health and wellness, and many more.


Mindful of Feng Shui

Some people would say maybe I was a Chinese in my past life because I am so conscious of Feng Shui and its effects in my life, even others' lives.

They would be surprised with my answer to that, and perhaps wouldn't believe me, because I would say that's because of my strong faith in God.

In describing myself, I've said in my blogs, "My career had been in Information Technology, programming being my first job". I was a computer programmer and a systems analyst, I knew nothing is impossible when finding solutions to problems. You just have to search for the right resources. There are times the right resources couldn't be found, but they will exist when the right time comes.

For me, the best programmer is God. He can bless people with all the resources that could be found in the globe, and that includes Feng Shui. Not to dampen one's faith in Him, but to appreciate his creations and understand that there are positive and negative cycles involved, for the benefit of mankind.

Yet God loves us so much, because he wouldn't allow us to be afflicted too much with the negative occurrences of the cycles. That is why He allows people to practice universal rules governing the environment, and one of them is Feng Shui.

God loves us so much, that even in the midst of inventions of man that ruined the environment, He would allow evolution to take place in the human body so that mankind is still benefited.

My Feng Shui charts for this year advised me not to be too stressed with work or opportunities since I will be preparing for events anyway. There will be big events, someone can get married and there can be big celebrations.

One big accomplishment I'm considering for this year was finally enrolling my special child in school last June. We had a simple celebration of her birthday in school last July, the first kind of celebration I've attended because all the children in the event were blind. This month of August, my eldest daughter got married in church and it was also one-of-a-kind. The next event will be this coming month of October for the induction of officers of PNAAP, which I consider a dream association for the well being of mankind, promoting health and wellness through needleless acupuncture or acupoint therapy. I can be one of the speakers in its 4-day training this month of September, by the way.

The 60th birthday should always be celebrated but we don't have enough financial resources to make my husband's 60th birthday celebration a big one this coming December, but it can still be another one-of-a-kind celebration if well thought of. Or maybe leave it to God like what happened to my special child's celebration in Resources for the Blind, but it should involve efforts from us his family members, even for a totally different plan.

So where is the negative part in my Feng Shui chart? They really did happen, I will be free from it this month of September but I'm scared of October, though the solution or "cure" is easy 'cause all I have to do is sleep in another room just for one month. Our bedroom is in the Southeast part of the house where the 5-yellow star is situated this year, and projected to double its effect in October, possibly afflicting the sign of Snake whose location is also Southeast. Don't get me wrong, I know God will always be there to protect me, but at least I've shown some efforts aside from praying. Feng Shui is only 20% of the total prevention for afflictions, by the way, so prayers are much needed.

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