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Probably the real essence of not retiring is not to stop thinking about beautiful ideas and experiences and sharing them.
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Here we go again

Trials and challenges come and go and my last biggest trial was during that time I wrote my previous post titled "Stretch to the max". I haven't published a post in this blog since then because of the several small challenges that occupied my time.

Perhaps one of those "small" challenges I mentioned is not really a small one because it took time before it made me confident that I was on the right track. I was trying to discover how to lessen the seizures of my special child as well as the "side effects" of the medicines that would lessen the seizures. I had to bother about the side effects because she has started to go to school and I noticed the side effects were affecting her moods while in school. I was sure they were side effects because one day I tried to give her very minimal dosage of just one medicine and she performed in school normally. But after her class, her seizures could be noticed though I've completed her medicines during break time, which was 30 minutes before the class finished.

Until one day, I've read about the close relationship between migraine and seizures. I had migraine for 3 weeks and was able to tolerate the pain because of a TIENS comb gadget but the pain was persistent and I was advised to take TIENS Beneficial, a supplement tested for oxygen uptake, and I was cured instantly! I am now giving the same supplement to my special child and all the more I use the comb gadget and a needleless acupuncture gadget or Tong Bao now that I'm aware that one side effect of one of her medicines is also migraine. I can see improvements, but this small challenge is still ongoing.

Maybe the reason why I can now call them small challenges was because I was already stretched to a point. But after you are stretched, another trial will come your way and in my case it's here again! My son was admitted to a hospital in a province where he was given an assignment and he left only yesterday. He had his usual GERD early this morning. The province is too far from us so all I can do is pray hard that he'll get well and maybe look for people in that province who can see how he is doing. He was confined in St. Paul's hospital in Tacloban City, which is in the province of Leyte in Philippines.

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