I Dont Want To Retire!

Probably the real essence of not retiring is not to stop thinking about beautiful ideas and experiences and sharing them.
I aspire to inspire with God's Good News to mankind, health and wellness, and many more.


Selling an excellent healthcare product!

With a mission to help mankind maintain healthy bodies, I’m very glad to introduce a unique and excellent healthcare product. This product is a fusion of state-of-the-art medical technology and Traditional Chinese Medicine, which was a result of 5,000 years of study. It is now a trend to combine Western Medicine with Traditional Chinese Medicine so this product complements Western Medicine. This product's high quality can be assured because it is manufactured by a multi-awarded and ISO certified global company, Tiens Group Ltd., which has 9 big factories, mostly in China and one in Washington D.C., and 110 offices worldwide.

The product that I am introducing is an Electronic Acupuncture Healthcare Apparatus, called Acumagic. “Acu” was derived from acupuncture because this product simulates the actions and benefits of acupressure and acupuncture. “Magic” because it doesn’t use any needles, instead it uses low-frequency electric impulses. It is effective and each procedure can be completed in 15 minutes. The product comes in a package of 8 parts or gadgets and can be operated with the use of 3 AA batteries.

The main gadget of this product is the Healthcare Apparatus which has several functions. One is to control the mode or action of the sticking plate electrode, which is the gadget that gives low-frequency electric impulses and simulates the action of acupuncture needles or other modes like massage, scraping, etc., so it is applied on acupoints. The package contains a manual that will guide you on how to use every gadget on the package and how to find the acupoints, and three recipes per condition or diagnosis, of the combination of the use of gadgets. These conditions with recipes include neck and shoulder pain, pain in waist and lower extremities, migraine, strain and contusion of soft tissue or myofibrositis, sequelae of cerebrovascular diseases, facial paralysis, cholecystitis and cholelithiasis, chronic bronchitis and bronchial asthma, cerebral arteriosclerosis and sequelae of brain trauma, hypertension, chronic pelvic inflammation disease and appendagitis, and hyperlipidemia.

Another gadget in the package is the magnetic needles-cups. There are really no needles, just a magnetic point at the middle. These cups will tell if there is stagnation of blood and energy in your body, and remove that stagnation which causes the pain. With the use of a rubber pump, the magnetic cup is placed on top of an acupoint creating a vacuum, and cause air to be sucked from the skin. After 15 minutes, remove the cup and check the appearance of the skin. The normal result is just a pinkish area, so when it becomes red like the one on the photo, or violet, it is an indication that there was stagnation of blood in that part of the body and is now alleviated by the procedure.

One of the best gadgets in the package is a diagnostic pen that detects problem areas in the body through the palm of the left hand. The package comes with a diagnostic chart of the palm as guide. A plate electrode is placed on the right palm for grounding then the diagnostic pen, after connecting to the output plug gadget, should be touched on the palm and fingers of the left palm only. Where there is pain, then that is the part of the body that has a problem, based on the chart. The magnetic needles-points or plate electrodes should then be placed on the acupoints related to the problem areas to remove stagnation of blood and energy and eventually preventing those areas from developing diseases. Supplements that will protect the affected organ should also be taken in.

Every family must have Acumagic as part of the first aid kit, so I am encouraging you to get this product. The regular price of Acumagic in the Philippines is 16,200 pesos. Tiens have other health gadgets based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, as well as supplements like powdered zymolitic bone calcium (95% absorbable), zinc, cordyceps, spirulina which Tiens supplies to NASA, and many others.

Wow! Selling to the world is surely an awesome experience! I wonder if I will do this if I'm not in a tight financial situation. Now I believe, that even in the biggest of problems, there are opportunities, like calling out to the whole world, of course with an underlying mission!


MasteReon said...

What are the differences between aculife and acumagic? I already has aculife, and i like to know about the new one.

Maria Luisa Taa Venida said...

Hi MasteReon, many thanks for visiting my site! Because of that, I had a glimpse of your blogs so expect me to visit them once in a while.

Here's my opinion about the differences of Aculife and Acumagic:

Here in the Philippines, Aculife is not marketed and I wonder if Acumagic is marketed in Indonesia? Acumagic is a 3-in-1 gadget because it includes the magnetic cups and plate electrodes so the two additional gadgets would be its main difference from Aculife. These two additional gadgets are just options that a user can choose to remove the energy imbalance, so whatever Acumagic can heal, Aculife can also heal, and even more, other members say. It is easier to use the Aculife since it involves only the hand and the outer lobes of the ears and therefore may be used almost anywhere. However, there are people like me who find the plate electrodes more comforting especially on the back, than just the pen touching the palm, also because the skin on my palm is thin and very sensitive. Here in the Philippines, they said it's a status symbol to have a mark caused by the magnetic cups treatment. So it really depends on the culture and preferences of the user, though Aculife show more body parts on the palm chart that can be affected with energy imbalances. Of course if you're an expert and wouldn't need the chart, it won't matter if it's the pen of Aculife or Acumagic you're using, as long as you know the chart of both. Those are just my opinions, and anybody can correct me.

Have a nice day!

osvaldo anderson said...

I keep my family healthy by buying health products to make sure that they will not get sick.