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Aura detox

As I was internalizing how I may share in this blog that ad lib portion I enjoyed the most during the seminar I conducted about the Tiens Photon Mattress, I was beginning to realize that I might have a deeper mission and I will talk about that in detail maybe in my next post although some details could already be told here.

That portion started with me showing one of my favorite shots which is the silhouette of my daughter while seated on the bamboo bench of the cottage we occupied when we went to Pearl Farm in Davao. The cottage was right above the waters and the refreshing feeling in that cottage could come from the negative ions emitted by the waters. At the background is a small virgin island and another island with white sand. I explained that by stepping barefooted on the grounds of any of those islands, the ground's magnetic field will improve a person's health.

The light at the background came from the sun, which could stimulate the production of Vitamin D that will prevent or fight cancer, even for just 20 minutes of daily exposure. The far infrared rays of the sun will also benefit a person's health greatly. And then my last statement was "everything was provided by God", and I could see some people in the audience nodding.

Tiens made a major breakthrough by combining those bio-energies found in nature that are far away from environmental pollutions. The photon with 660 nanometer wavelength, invented by the Russians for NASA, which simulates the sun's photon energy that stimulates the metabolism of cells and repairs damaged cells; the very low frequency magnetic field, which brings the floor culture of our ancestors to the bedroom; and the negative ions emitted by the mattress' energy stones, simulating the negative ions from the seas or the waterfalls in the mountains that purifies the air, the cells and blood.

It goes without saying that the mattress is for the modern people who don't have the time to go to those unpolluted places frequently to benefit their health, and much more. The mattress brings to the people the benefit of the sun even at nighttime, which is the best time for each organ of the body to detoxify. Through the photons, only the beneficial rays of the sun are simulated, eliminating the bad effect of the ultraviolet rays, though the 20-minute daily exposure under the sun is still the best for the production of Vitamin D. The alternating magnetic field of the mattress not only simulates the effect when walking barefooted on virgin grounds, it also stimulates the chi meridians, getting the effect of a tuina massage or even acupuncture.

It is said that even by just rubbing a jade stone, a person will feel good. Tiens made a wise choice by adding the jade stone for far infrared transfer because it is the most efficient heat absorber among the semi-precious stones. The heat from jade stones is soothing to the body.

The features of the mattress are just too many, but I feel I shouldn't fail to mention the control panel that takes care of automatic switching off and on of some features while you are sleeping. To top it all is the sauna effect with infrared and photon energy that will enable the total detoxification of a person's aura or bio-energy, thus the term "Aura-detox", bringing back the effect of God's creations for the well-being of mankind.

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Maria Luisa Taa Venida said...

The benefits of the photon, which has the same wavelength used by the astronauts of NASA (660 nanometer), are just amazing! Healing happens in the cellular level, which means that any disease caused by injured cells can be healed! When an injured cell is exposed to photon, it repairs itself and once it is repaired, it is done and will no longer receive further treatment from the photon. That means there is no overdose because it is the cell that controls the treatment, not the person. The light from the photon at the 660 nanometer wavelength has no affinity for cancer cells so that the killer cells that was made healthy by the photon can defeat the cancer cells. Aside from cancer, this mattress benefits kidney diseases, diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, painful neuropathy, among many others.