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The Mother of Lau

I was supposed to write a post for my "Amusing Tips" blog, and the title of the post should be "The Mother of Lungs". But it's the birthday of my daughter, Holly, and several of her friends greeted her, "Happy Birthday, Lau!" in Facebook (her given name is Lauren Lois). That was how the title of this post came about, because I'd like to offer something for her birthday like what happened accidentally last year, where I suddenly saw her article about "Musings of a Batang San Miguel" on her birthday so I thought of posting it the same day.

Well, the mother of lungs is the spleen. It is not hard to be a mother of lungs, likewise, it is not hard to be a mother of Lau. The spleen filters the air so that only the pure air will go up to the lungs while impure air goes down to the stomach. However, there are times the spleen couldn't perform her function as the mother of lungs because it doesn't like anything cold, like cold drinks. That is also why we catch a cold when we're outside in the cold. The spleen might have transported impure air to our lungs because it did not function well. And that is why hot chicken soup is good when you have colds, because the spleen would recover. But just drinking hot water will do the same good job (one part hot water and one part tap water in one glass).

Similarly, there are times I couldn't perform my function well as the mother of Lau or any of my children because I was preoccupied with things I didn't like, but my children have nothing to do with such things (anything caused by the children will not be a reason for a mother not to perform her functions).

Those studying anatomy would wonder where I got the idea of spleen as the mother of lungs but those who knew TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) would know what I'm talking about. What is more important is the readers now know a way how to take care of their lungs, I have to reserve the rest of the tips for my "Amusing Tips" blog.

Happy Birthday, my daughter!

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