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Probably the real essence of not retiring is not to stop thinking about beautiful ideas and experiences and sharing them.
I aspire to inspire with God's Good News to mankind, health and wellness, and many more.


Google's New Blogger

The new Blogger of Google is just awesome! It has new features, including statistics, and a blogger could see the posts that had the most pageviews in graph form based on daily, weekly, monthly or all time statistics. I have 3 blogs, and I was surprised to learn that my newest blog, "Amusing Tips" had the most pageviews. I was also surprised to learn that "The Five Elements", a TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine principle, was the most read post, and most of the readers of this blog were in U.S.A., I guess those are very valuable information.

I was also saddened though, that there were only a few pageviews for my post in this blog, "I Don’t Want To Retire", about "God’s Message", a post about my real experience of conversing with God and His message addressed to mankind. When I saw that this post had only about 60 pageviews, I doubted if the statistics are really correct. It was "God’s Message" that convinced me to start blogging. Looking at the total pageviews of this blog, more than 2,000 came from the Philippines while U.S.A. is second with over 1,800 pageviews. Since my "Amusing Tips" blog has more readers with almost 4,000 pageviews from U.S.A., more than 900 from U.K. and more than 700 from Philippines so far, perhaps a good strategy is to include "God’s Message" in a post of "Amusing Tips" or even in its blog introduction.

How I wish these features of Blogger were included from the time I started blogging, but perhaps this is the best time to analyze those statistics. I’m glad I was able to sustain all my blogs using Blogger!

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Ryan Garaygay said...

thanks for sharing tita. i'm surprised blogger didn't have stats before. i would have expected them to have google analytics built-in. i haven't really used blogger. but at least they have now.

on the other hand, despite the fact that most people don't really pay attention to posts about spirituality as much as they do about entertainment, sports, tech but those stats are very good.

maybe you should post links on twitter too.