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Probably the real essence of not retiring is not to stop thinking about beautiful ideas and experiences and sharing them.
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Stretch to the max

When we go to an eat-all-you-can restaurant, we don't really taste everything, For viands we knew we haven't tried yet, we still choose what we'd like to taste. If only problems or trials are like that, we couldn't blame anybody but ourselves because we chose them.

Perhaps the biggest challenge or trial a person could have encountered, especially a mother, was when all her children were sick at the same time. All my three children got sick almost at the same time and it was truly very stressful, but I am aware that the right thing to do is simply to "stretch to the max", without snapping. I reminded myself that was what God wanted us to do, to stretch because he wanted our potentials to be maximized. God always knew up to what point can we stretch, so my exposure to such trial lasted for a short period of time only. After that, what is important is that we were stretched to a point, ready to tackle more trials and challenges.

In the midst of a trial, there is always a blessing in disguise that we have to recognize. In my case, that happened while my first child was sick and a day before my second child got sick. We had the eyes of our third child (a multi-handicapped special child), checked by a well-known ophthalmologist because the school for the visually impaired where we wanted to enroll her wanted to know the status of her blindness. "There is blood flowing to her eyes now, at her age of almost 10, if blood should stop flowing to her eyes it should have happened a long time ago." Though the doctor also said it cannot be assured up to when that condition will be sustained, that is a real good news that helped me not to worry too much about my first child. But right after the check-up with the eye doctor was the check-up with the neurologist and the doctor's remark caused me to worry about this special child because she is underweight. And then almost that same day, though it was past midnight already, our second child decided to be admitted to the hospital because of acid reflux he thought will no longer recur. Thank God the pain did not persist and he was discharged from the hospital after one day.

That was not the end of the trial because our special child started sneezing the night her brother was admitted to the hospital. So when I was sure my son will already be discharged, I stayed at home to monitor this third child and performed preventive therapies. That was only for one day because the next day, we brought our special child to the school for the visually impaired for our orientation and finalization of details required for enrollment.

I've heard it when we first went to that school and I heard it again that day from a special child's guardian that it should be the parent who should go to the special education school and learn with her special child. She was just sharing her dilemma because she is the grandmother of the child she brought. I was again somehow affected by this comment because it took years for me to personally attend to my special child full time and bring her to a school. I was trying to look for the best reasons why it should happen that way and the best I found was the trainings I had undergone on health and wellness, especially learning to perform the therapies that could help my loved ones prevent illnesses or recover fast from illnesses.

Only God knows what could be the real reasons, perhaps He allowed me to stretch to the max first before pursuing this new challenge of educating a special child which is a totally unfamiliar area to me.

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