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5 Basic Feng Shui Rules

Did you like my last post about the Feng Shui rule on house colors? As I write this, it’s exactly 5:27 in the morning and the real reason why I’m up and opened my laptop is I was inspired to start a post titled “House Painting Turned Into A Hobby”. However, I chanced to check “My Documents” and found this file about Feng Shui. This was one of my first speeches in Toastmasters Club, and though my audience were mostly Filipinos and I used props at that time, I am now thinking and hoping you will like this too because you will learn something.

This is about 5 basic Feng Shui rules that was followed by traditional Chinese for generations. It doesn’t matter if this is the first time you’ve heard about Feng Shui as long as you know what is positive and negative.

The first rule says “Never hang washing outside overnight”. Why? Darkness emits negative energies that will be absorbed by the clothes. Would you like to wear clothes full of negative energies? Of course not!

Second rule: Keep brooms and mops out of sight! Why? Simply because they are ugly sights! That’s what I think. But the reason according to the books is those brooms and mops sweep away the fortunes of the family.

The third rule says something positive about the broom. It says “leave an upturmed broom outside the office door after working hours”! Can you guess why? To drive the burglars away! Because they will think that there’s a janitor inside cleaning the office. Am I right?

Ahh, the fourth rule is interesting: Pointing a finger is bad Feng Shui because it directs bad energy toward a person. Remember that!

You will not like this fifth rule: Mirrors in the bedroom cause problems. Kinda weird, right? Lilian Too’s book further says that:

• Mirrors are often responsible for the entrance of third parties into an otherwise good relationship.
• If you must have a mirror in your bedroom, keep it closed or covered during sleep or place it in an area where it cannot be directly seen at night.
• No mirror on the ceiling please!

That last rule was scary, don’t you think so? But don't worry because there's always a solution to every problem like the mirror shown in the photo which can be rotated and turned into a bookshelf!

It’s nice to know about these Feng Shui rules since I think there are practical reasons behind most of them.

In my next post, I’ll include a Feng Shui tip about house renovation. Have a nice day!

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wow my mom would be highly impressed she believes in feng shui a lot . Nice Post !

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