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House Painting Turned Into A Hobby

The past days, I just had little free time to be in front of my laptop so I wasn’t able to catch the PayPerPost opportunities where I was qualified. Earlier today, I was out again but I brought my laptop, though I knew I won’t be able to connect to the internet because we’re going to the townhouse unit for some painting retouches. How I wish I am traveling across wireless cities so I can connect to the internet while inside the car!

If people will look at the things that I brought , an artist will say I’m going out to paint, because I brought some brushes and palette knives I use for canvas painting. But the artist will be wondering why I’m not bringing any tube paints and canvas. The artist will be partly right because I’m really going out to paint, but on the walls and stairs (just small portions to be retouched), and not on canvas.

It will probably be hard to believe that house painting has turned into a hobby for me. It is true, but that is because I got used to just one brand of paint which is odorless, lead free and has exciting computerized colors to choose from. I’m talking about ACE paints. This is not a sponsored post, all I want is to share the comforts I’ve experienced while doing a job some people hate to do. I heard there is a Filipino national artist who uses just one shade of ACE paint for the background of his paintings.

If ACE Hardware will hire me to blog about their paints, probably I can come up with endless number of posts. They gave their paint colors beautiful names such as “Cardiff by The Sea” which I used on the wall of our townhouse unit as shown on the first photo. Whenever I talk with the supervisor of the paint section, the people not used to ACE paints will be wondering what we’re talking about because we use the exact commercial name of the color in our discussions. Like two weeks ago, I told the supervisor, can you mix me a quart of “Brown Sugar”?

Unfortunately, I don’t think ACE Hardware will need a blogger for their products because their website is complete. You may check www.acehardware.com and experience a simulation using palettes of colors on a photo that you will select. Get started with the “Projects and Solutions”, go to “Paint Tips” then click on the “Paint Visualizer” which will bring you to “Discover Your Colors” screen that will give you choices for simulation.

By the way,I think I promised a Feng Shui tip for house renovations but this is applicable only during this Year of the Rat. It’s a no-no to renovate the North and South portions of your houses, but don’t worry because there’s a solution again. Start the renovation on the East side and finish your renovation on that side too.

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coolingstar9 said...

House painting turns to hobby, its good.
You will enjoy it definately.
Have a nice day.