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Probably the real essence of not retiring is not to stop thinking about beautiful ideas and experiences and sharing them.
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Transitions In Life

The past days, I and my only son, OC, have been busy testing several features of the upgraded network system at home since we finally got a router that will enable my laptop’s WIFI or wireless connection to the internet. The whole month of March, I monopolized the access to the internet since we didn’t have a router yet, allowing me to create this blog and to post several entries, but members of my family didn’t have the chance to read my entries.

OC will be 25 this year. That reminds me of the seminar about transitions in life that I’ve attended about 10 years ago. In that seminar I’ve learned that transitions in life will be encountered by a person during adolescence, mid-20s, midlife or 45-50 and 65-70. It is during this transition when a person is in crisis, and when questions to God are asked the most, like what happened to me in June 2001 when I was almost 48. I was very lucky that God gave me a very beautiful “I love you" answer intended to mankind, leaving me that mission to remind everyone about that. He already has proven His love through the birth of His Son, Jesus Christ, and He keeps on proving His love like what He did to me (Blogging post of this blog).

I am very grateful that OC lets me know the questions plaguing him nowadays, and maybe it is God’s will for him not to have read my blog, otherwise my answers to his questions will be pre-empted because they all came from this blog. In other words, my answers were rehearsed through this blog. (Photo shown is a self-portrait shot by OC).

When the prize of the Lotto reached more than 200 million pesos, both OC and I got 3 digits right, so I won 100 pesos for those 3 digits, while my son won 200 pesos because he had 2 tickets. One question in his mind was what to do with the money if he wins in the Lotto, but he said what is clear was a large percentage will go to charities. He really hasn’t read my blog because in my Dreams List in this blog, I had shared very specific plans what to do if I was the one who’ll win, but obviously, he doesn’t know anything about that plan.

My plans involving charities if I win the Lotto were very specific and maybe ambitious, but I also didn’t fail to consider what can happen if those plans were pushed through and I’m gone? In my mind I knew my children will be willing to take over but I don’t want to oblige them, so come what may. Anyway, God will not allow me to win for sure, if there’s nobody to take over my charitable project when I’m gone.

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