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Probably the real essence of not retiring is not to stop thinking about beautiful ideas and experiences and sharing them.
I aspire to inspire with God's Good News to mankind, health and wellness, and many more.


The Victory

I’d like to fulfill my promise to tell the story about the ancient city of Nikopolis or Victory City in Greece, but there is more to say about victory that can inspire today’s people, so let me see how I can put them together in one package.

Nikopolis (Victory City) was founded by the first emperor of the Roman Empire, Octavian, to commemorate his victory over Antony and Cleopatra during their sea-battle (Battle of Actium) in 31 BC. It was Antony’s defeat in this battle that caused him and Cleopatra to commit suicide. Nikopolis expanded as it welcomed the remaining inhabitants of Cassope the Ancient City, and other nearby villages that were earlier destroyed. Octavian was later named Augustus, meaning “sacred”, because his rule initiated an era of relative peace. Upon his death in AD 14, he was declared a god by the Senate, to be worshipped by the Romans, and the month of Sextilis was officially renamed August in his honour.
Seeing Nikopolis with my own eyes will always be a memorable experience reminding me of two victories: the victory of Augustus and the victory of the University of Asia and the Pacific Chorale. I almost forgot that it will also remind me of these Seven Determinants of Victory of John Maxwell which Augustus and the UA&P Chorale possessed to be victorious:

1. A victory begins with a VISION
A vision of winning - a vision of going “over the top”.

2. The next key to victory is INSTRUCTION
Any achievement must be preceded by careful planning. The better we understand the problems, the greater our chance of victory.

3. There is no success without proper CONDITIONING
Sometimes victory is not achieved by the one who first took the lead. The winner is the one who can work harder for longer periods without quitting.

4. Victory can be realized only if one has a TARGET
The thrill of victory comes only when a stated objective has been reached. No target, no thrill!

5. Victory can be secured only with the help of OTHERS
Victory doesn’t say, “Look what I did,” but “Look what we did”. It’s not my strength, but our strength, not my plans, but our plans; not my work, but our work. Therefore, it’s not my victory, but our victory!

6. Each person must fulfill his or her RESPONSIBILITIES
Every person is important. Failure occurs when a person feels that if he or she does not work, it won’t matter or won’t hurt the group.

7. The last and most important key to victory is YOU
Only you have the power to determine the sacrifice, energy, and time that you will supply to become a winner.

Remember: the seven determinants of VICTORY are Vision, Instruction, Conditioning, Target, Others, Responsibilities, and You!

According to Wikipedia, Serendipity is the effect by which one accidentally discovers something fortunate, especially while looking for something else unrelated. When I was with the UA&P Chorale in Greece to watch them compete in Preveza's international choir contest, I watched them rehearse but at the same time, I was holding a John Maxwell book and was trying to figure out how I will relate Maxwell's chapter on determinants of victory to a speech I was composing for an upcoming event of Toastmasters Club. It was strange because as I listened to the choir, I could hear and see the picture that I was trying to complete in my mind. I asked myself, "Why am I holding this book? Is it for my speech or for the choir?" But I was more surprised to know the awarding will be held in an ancient city named Victory City. I knew the UA&P Chorale will get awards, but more than what I expected, they got gold medals for all the categories they joined, and the grand prize! Maxwell’s Seven Determinants of Victory, awarding at Victory City, and UA&P Chorale’s victory. Was this just a coincidence of occurrences with redundant words or was there serendipity?

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