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Probably the real essence of not retiring is not to stop thinking about beautiful ideas and experiences and sharing them.
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Are you a certified IT professional?

Since last year, I've been applying for several IT positions: IT Project Manager, Systems Analyst, Program Applications Developer, Data Center Team Leader, etc. Most of the ads of such positions specified "... certified applicants will be given preference". In my thoughts, I kept on saying, "that was their preference, but I can still apply for the position since I have years of experience". But the reality is I can no longer apply for most IT positions because they require very specific software or hardware exposure, and that could be a major reason why it has been almost a year now and I haven't found a job yet. It could have been a different story if only I took a certification exams. I was planning to do just that but I didn't pursue it. It just slipped off my mind.

Applying in several IT positions only confused me, losing my focus on potential areas where I could have enhanced my expertise. My thinking was, "I am a goal-oriented person, I can achieve my goals whatever position will be offered to me". My dear IT colleagues, don't follow my example!

I've been in IT more than half of my life now, but I even tried to shift to another career so I won't have to be an employee all my life, but now I realized that is not the solution!

I even tried to be an entrepreneur of an entirely different line of business, but now I realized I made the wrong move!

What could I have done then that would make things right? Follow what the ads had been saying: be certified! If I got a certification, there's a big possibility by this time I've already started a career as a consultant, not necessarily an employee. I could have chosen the best IT field for me to specialize, attend a training if needed, and be a certified in that field.

Very recently, I've encountered a website that offers online IT training and certification, and it's from The Cisco Learning Network! This website can guide even beginners in charting a professional path. It has sample job role paths that will point a beginner to the right direction and Cisco certification to take. Beginners, as well as those experienced in the IT profession should check out The Cisco Learning Network. Just to be sure you're not missing out on something very important in your career.

In my case, my research from The Cisco Learning Network led me to an industry solution where I can gain more expertise: the Healthcare solutions. I was the Head of the Health Information Management Services of my last employer and that specialization fits me well!

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