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A proof of God's love

It is now July 24 here in the Philippines. Today is the sixth birthday of Lyca, my adopted special needs child. During the last two years, her birthday fell on the dates of her scheduled physical therapy so they were celebrated at the hospital with her therapists, though it was also celebrated at home, and also at my brother-in-law’s home after the mass at Loyola Grand Villas chapel where my family sing as part of the Venida Clan Choir, every second and fourth Sunday of the month. The three celebrations became a tradition so even if her birthday did not fall on her scheduled PT, we will also celebrate it at the hospital this coming Friday.

It is also my sixth year now as Lyca’s mother. At this point in time, I know I can sacrifice anything for her. My two biological children are grown ups now, and I was blessed to have one more child. The fire within me as a mother kept burning for 27 years now. Nothing has changed. It is still that same fire and love that I felt since I gave birth to my eldest child.

A comment in my post on God’s Message from Tomas Karkalas said that I am the luckiest of all man because I was able to talk to God through the stones I was cleaning and God answered. What I can say about that is maybe not. There are so many people as lucky as I am because they also conversed with God and received a response through various ways, but there are also luckier people because they had followed the ways of God even without hearing any response from Him, and are always able to discern what direction God wants them to take. I don’t think I am as lucky as they are. Thinking more deeply about the sequence of events, I remember I was constantly thinking of a child who can help me take away my sorrows, and then His message to mankind through the stones happened, which obviously meant “I love you” (143 stones). After a year, Lyca was born.

The best reason I can think of, why I was “lucky” to receive God’s message is because He wanted to prepare me for this biggest challenge in my life to take care of a child with special needs, even while experiencing financial distress.

What do you think?

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BK said...

I believe that Lyca will be a very happy child with a loving mother like you. I have a friend who has a special child too and he is 8 years old this year. Whenever I talk to my friend, she is always so proud of her son and I am proud of her too.