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A special birthday cake

I baked delicious chocolate cakes for our special child’s sixth birthday, which was celebrated in 3 places as planned, as mentioned in my post last July 23: our home on July 24, at the hospital on July 25, and at my brother-in-laws home on July 27. Of course there was a cake made for each location, but I reserved the one for our house, which was a small round cake and the only one with decors, for the blowing of the candles in all three locations mentioned. That made the cake special and aside from that, the decor was changed a bit every time it was moved to another location.

From now on, I'll make small birthday cakes instead of big ones. Why? It's easier to make it special since it will have more icing thus more delicious, and is more flexible to decorate. It's easier to fill up with decors since it is small, and it's easier to put one on top of another, for added height.

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Teresa said...

That cake is so cute!

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