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Entrecard drives the comments to your blog

If you are a serious blogger then this good news is for you! Finally, your comments will be treated as important as your posts. This good news came from Entrecard who has partnered with SezWho, which provides a comment platform, to make that possible. If you’re an Entrecard member, all you have to do is to register your blogs to SezWho through your Entrecard dashboard. You will then be e-mailed for further instructions.

Once you’re registered in SezWho, whenever you give comments in other SezWho enabled blogs, your comments will be rated based on their contents and the readers will be able to view the ratings when they point the mouse to “check me out” beside your profile name found as a header of your comment. Your comments will build your reputation through their ratings, which will be seen web-wide. Traffic to your site will increase, through backlinks from your comments.

You may also see your ratings and other information like your blog’s statistics by logging in to SezWho. I was very excited to activate my blogs in SezWho so I can now show you a screenshot of my public profile, which include my comments and the ratings given.

On top of all the above, you will get Entrecard credits ranging from 1-10, to be given by the community, the truthful comments to be given higher points. That incentive of Entrecard will surely drive comments to your blog!

Good reputation because of our comments, Entrecard credits, more traffic to our sites, wonderful but honest comments on our posts, what else should we look for as serious bloggers?

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Wolverine said...

this partnership has helped many bloggers to get comments and free entrecard credits... great initiative

check my post on this partnership..