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At peace in the midst of China scare

I am now at peace for the longest time. The irony is I owe this peacefulness to products made in China that is scaring the whole world! What I can say is we are now faced with the challenge to listen to one another, especially to people close to our hearts, and the bigger challenge is when two people closest to us have different opinions. Now is the time for each one of us to have an open mind and heart, because each one of us has his or her own story, just like the children who were victims of the melamine found in milk.

Here goes my own story. Before the China scare, I’ve accepted the fact that I can no longer be employed in any company because of my age. I also stopped waiting to be hired by a network marketing company supposedly as their HR Manager in their Philippine branch, and the reason is a long story. I decided that I was free to be seen in the offices of other network marketing companies, which included Tianshi Phils., where I bought a comb massage gadget months ago. This gadget made me curious because the doctor who introduced to me this comb gadget was able to save a stroke patient inside the plane by just combing the scalp of the patient for 5 minutes. This gadget is technically called Hypotension Apparatus, but also relieves arthritic pain or any pain in any part of the body.

I started to attend the trainings in Tianshi Phils., which is only one of the branches of the company also known as Tiens, and which has offices in 110 countries. It has 9 factories worldwide which include one in Spain, one in Russia, one in U.S. and another one in Malaysia or Indonesia. The biggest factories are of course within the 1,000,000 sqm. area owned by Tianjin Tianshi Engineering Co. in China. The company received several awards for its modern biotechnology, from different organizations like United Nations, and has all the certifications for high quality, food safety and pharmaceutical safety like HACCP in 2007, updated ISO 2000-2005 only last September 7, 2008, Halal, Kosher,etc. It has partnerships with American Pfizer and French L’oreal to maintain products at high quality and world-leading level. Tiens has introduced leading manufacturing equipments from Germany, U.S., France and Japan.

So much can be said about the company, but people who have used their products have much, much more to say. In the Philippines, probably the most amusing anecdote can be heard from Tianshi Davao who treated a girl with brain tumor and the brain tumor was gone after 3 months, just by using supplements like High Calcium Brain Tonic and Cordyceps but I guess they also used the third generation of acupuncture gadget (no needles). Yesterday, we gave Kuya Danny, my brother-in-law, the High Calcium Brain Tonic as a birthday gift. My training in Tiens include modern acupuncture and my husband and I intend to attend a more intensive training next month, where we can be licensed therapists afterwards, if we pass the written and practical examinations.

I see to it that my learnings from Tiens are supported by my researches for reliable materials from the internet. I found a very nice research material which included scientific studies about Cordyceps and which I also sent to most of my friends and relatives. I am now taking Cordyceps so it will inhibit the growth of the benign cysts found on my breasts during my last scheduled sonogram. I no longer fear the possible onset of breast cancer later. If ever there is a gift I’d like to give my mother who is now in Las Vegas, I’d like to give Tiens Cordyceps, because it will also give me peace of mind about her health.

By the way, I’m not yet perfectly well as of this writing. Almost two weeks ago, I was exposed to the rains and changes in weather and almost caught a flu. But I followed the testimonies of others who have tried halting a flu or colds with Tiens Cordyceps, so I took 5 capsules between 9-11 in the morning and another 5 capsules from 7-9 in the evening, with an almost empty stomach, and with warm water. I knew that the Zinc of Tiens can be a big help in my battle with the bacteria, but I wanted to try Tiens Cordyceps alone. It seemed like a long battle, but only a few thick threads of colored mucus came out, I couldn’t even call them phlegm, and my cough was caused by the occasional itchiness of my throat, as if bacteria were trying to pass through my lungs but could not. The itchiness is gone after I finally sought the help of Tiens Zinc but only for one day. I now have reduced the number of Tiens Cordyceps capsules to just two each time. I have to always include the brand “Tiens” just to be fair to all brands available which might have varying effectiveness.

Two weeks of battle with the bacteria and I’m glad that just through natural means I emerged as the winner, my throat the only “injury” as manifested by the short-lived itchiness and some mucus. Why am I doing this battle anyway, if four days of taking antibiotics can also halt the cough? I’m doing this for my liver. I’ve learned in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) that the root cause of cysts or breast cancer is imbalance of energy in the liver. It is a known fact that drugs can damage the liver. In TCM, just an imbalance in energy can cause damage.

It is not just me who can be affected by the negative effects of drugs but my own special child Lyca, who really is very much exposed to drugs to alleviate the symptoms of her Cerebral Palsy. She now has a lump on her left breast though it could be an early maturation of her breast, but I just cannot remain complacent. Too bad, I cannot try Tiens Cordyceps on her yet. Maybe when she’s older. My only alternative now is to try the modern acupuncture on her, but using only the third generation gadget, the Tiens Acupoint Treasure which is a gadget with a magnetic point to be pressed and rubbed on acupoints that will disintegrate breast lumps. The fourth generation gadget uses electronic methods and is not advisable on her or any patient with tumors.

Now that you’ve read my story, I know you’ll understand why I am now more at peace than ever. It is just too bad that all of us cannot be at peace at the same time. Maybe that is the real essence of heaven. It is the only place where everyone can find everlasting happiness and peacefulness at the same time.

Whatever happened to the rest of my problems? I gave them all to God, of course not forgetting to thank Him everyday for willingly accepting them.


Blackdove said...

"It is just too bad that all of us cannot be at peace at the same time."
Sounds cryptic in the context of your story. Could you elaborate?

Maria Luisa Taa Venida said...

Maybe it is wrong for me to say "it is too bad" because while on earth we should help or support each other, and that will be hard to accomplish if all of us are down at the same time. Therefore we should even be glad that while some of us are hopeless, the others are hopeful. That means there is balance and that is very important.

Blackdove, thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to look at this at a different perspective.