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Only the rich can adopt a child

I am expecting a reaction to the title of this post because I did not add the word "legally" which will fit as the last word of the title. This word connotes "money" and I hope another person will also react to this statement.

In my case the word legally if included in the title does not involve our lawyer who was very generous because he hasn't charged us a single cent yet. The reason why I've said only the rich can adopt a child is because I feel that we have given away more than enough cash to the court in charge of the adoption case and it so happened at that time that I had just retired and really had more than enough money to give away. More than two years had passed and it's a different situation now. I prefer to reserve the money for the medicines, diagnostic tests which include occasional EEG and even MRI of this child who has cerebral palsy.

We've released 1,500 pesos to the court's office when we went there to get the "decision" we were told about through the phone, only to learn that it will be released a week after. When we got the "Decision", I asked the Civil Registrar about the requirements for registration and I learned that there's still a "Final" document that should be released by the court office. I verified with this office and was told that we need to give cash again to get this document. In the past I've already given 2,000 pesos for the birth registration and now I learned there are several documents needed before the registration process. It has come to this point now that I feel this giving away of money is against my principles or values. Or is it because I knew there's already a decision, or because I really don't have money to give away, I really don't know.

I pity the child who has gone through several difficulties to survive an abnormal birth and now will still have to undergo more hardships to get a name. If this is a normal process, whether here in the Philippines or other countries, please enlighten me.

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