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The most versatile gadget

I guess you'll agree if I say that the most versatile gadget a person can own should have something to do with his or her wellness. I'm talking about the Comb Massage Gadget of Tiens that sells like hotcake! Even in times when it is out of stock, it is still selling as an IOU item. Can any product beat that? That only shows that most people are health conscious because they fear pain, and the most used feature of this product is to eliminate pain that can be felt in any part of the body. That is probably the main reason why anybody buys this product, though it is technically called Apparatus for Blood Pressure Reduction, a gadget whose main function is to regulate the blood pressure of hypertensive people, through bio-electricity.

The product was designed by Gao Jiajun who won 8 prizes for his design in international technology invention design, with applied biotechnology medical theory to cure hypertension, and is patented. Among the prizes won by Jiajun were international golden awards from United States, France, Switzerland, Singapore and China.

The following is a summary of the scope and functions of this gadget:

Heart and brain vessel - reduces high blood pressure, balances blood pressure, reduces rate of incidence of diseases of heart and brain vessel, eliminates coronary artery convulsion and lightens heart load.

Brain clearing - clears brain and freshens thinking resulting to enhanced intelligence, eliminates tiredness and insomnia, also resulting to a clear, beautiful face. Pimples may be cleared as well by touching the metal teeth of the comb, also called cogs, on the face for 3-5 minutes, and wrinkles removed by touching the back of the comb, which is a smooth metal ring used for conduction when holding the comb for regular use, also for 3-5 minutes.

Pain - eliminates pain due to headache, omodynia, arthritis, toothache, stomach, liver, kidney stone, pancreas inflammation, pain of waist and back, pneumonia, asthma, etc.

Hair protection - controls hair loss, graying of hair and alopecia or dandruff.

Commonly known as comb massage gadget because it is used like a comb, this gadget follows the same principle of ECG and EKG where abnormal heart rhythms are detected through bioelectricity. The only difference is after the comb detects abnormal currents (positive ions also caused by radiations from cellphones and computers}, it passes though the VIC of the gadget which is an integrated circuit, bringing back negative ions that will balance the body's ions. A faster effect was found in coincidence with acupuncture points, so for hypertensive patients, combing from the top of the head to the nape where there are acupoints at a slow rate of 2 strokes per minute, and also pressing the fingertips of one hand to the cogs, one finger per cog, are highly recommended, both procedures taking 3-5 minutes each. The VIC is working properly if the light indicator is on, otherwise, conduction might be absent due to clothing or absence of touch, or the 2 AAA batteries are not working properly.

The metal teeth of the comb or cogs, cover a big area when combing, so that it is not necessary to identify the exact acupoints of the body. It is lightweight and can be brought anywhere, just like bringing a hairbrush inside the bag. I carry one all the time, and it functions as my hairbrush. I no longer take medicines for headache because this gadget does the job of eliminating my headache, which in the past cannot be removed by paracetamol.

This gadget was the start of it all, the reason why I became a member of Tiens or Tianshi Phils., and I've already told that story in my previous post "At peace in the midst of China scare". The retail price of this product may vary if the member or distributor like me, can give it at a lower price, but at present, the recommended retail price is 3,960 pesos, which is much cheaper than the deposit to be paid in most private hospitals before a patient can be admitted. The gadget has one year warranty and lifetime service warranty.

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