I Dont Want To Retire!

Probably the real essence of not retiring is not to stop thinking about beautiful ideas and experiences and sharing them.
I aspire to inspire with God's Good News to mankind, health and wellness, and many more.


Don't abuse your body!

I am guilty of abusing my body, so the title of this post will also serve as a reminder to myself, and I hope the readers will also remember the story I'm about to tell.

I was the type of a person who wouldn't stop once I've started a task. I enjoyed cleaning and fixing the house, I would start in the morning and sometimes would finish at 2 the next morning, and then I could already sleep. General cleaning had been a regular chore, at least once a month. Until I had a total hysterectomy (removal of the whole uterus), and noticed a big change. I got tired easily, so gone were the days when I could clean the house thoroughly.

Just recently however, the amazing effect of Tiens Cordyceps on me has manifested when I was scheduled to decorate the house for Christmas! I seemed tireless, so sweeping the dusts from all the tops that are less than two feet from the ceiling was easy, with the use of an aluminum ladder, a paint brush for sweeping and a dust pan. But I had to stop as soon as the sun is down or dusts will fall on the people who were at home already. That went on for five days, though on the third day all I did was finish putting the Christmas garland near the ceiling at the living room, and then cook and wash and fix the dishes until past 12 midnight since it was my son's birthday. That was the first time I cleaned the house though just a part of it, for almost one week, and the first time I exposed myself to dusts for two and then three consecutive days. That never happened in the past because I could do that kind of cleaning more often so there were always less dusts, which took just a day to clean.

I didn't expect my body will complain, but after that, I had migraine and cough for more than a week, though it was not severe because I was continuously taking Cordyceps. I discovered that my migraine was caused by tubularly formed mucus all over my sinuses which I was able to expel after more than a week (at first I was surprised where it came from because all I did was blow my nose). I realized that I had inhaled a lot of dusts, and no amount of treatment could immediately heal the damage that I have done.

If you're wondering why I didn't get help from the man of the house, that was because my husband was suffering from arthritis at that time, after eating peanuts for consecutive days for two straight weeks!

What you've read are two testimonials in a row, and if ever there is something positive about those experiences, that is the opportunity to be the examples that nobody should follow! Remember, to take good care of your bodies, everything should be done in moderation, even exercise.

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