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El Guayaboso by Novo Concertante

I’d like to end this Mother’s Day month with music that every mother and her whole family will surely enjoy! I can’t also end this month without sharing how Mother’s Day was different for me this year. It was only this year that I realized that any special day that was started to be celebrated on its eve will be extraordinarily special because it will set a happy mood hours in advance.

I had a grand time during Mother’s Day Eve because my son and daughter, O.C. and Lauren, treated us their parents, to a concert where their choir, the Novo Concertante, were one of the participants. After that, we ate at Tereyaki Boy where I enjoyed the food chosen by the two young adults. The food was very good, maybe because we were first satisfied by the “appetizers”, the songs of Novo Concertante.

My camera can only shoot two songs at the most, and I was lucky that there were no distractions while I was shooting their last song, El Guayaboso, unlike the song prior to that where there were a lot of “passers-by”.

You will surely enjoy this video of Novo Concertante singing El Guayaboso (The Liar), because of their unique rendition. O.C. and Lauren were side by side (below the middle of the "Voyages" signage), at the right of their choir master, Arwin Tan. The concert was part of the series of concert of Madz et al Festival 2008 titled “Voyages”. It was a festival participated by choirs conducted by former members of the internationally known Madrigal Singers of the Philippines. Arwin Tan was one of the Madrigal Singers, and he is the conductor of Novo Concertante which won several international awards the past years. He was also the conductor when University of Asia and the Pacific Chorale won the grand prize at the international contest in Preveza, Greece (The Victory post of this blog). Some members of this chorale like my son, are now members of Novo Concertante.

I published this video in “You Tube” and there was a comment that shared the story of El Guayaboso. It is a Cuban folk song composed by Guido Lopez Gavilan of Cuba. "It tells of stories that are purely lies which Gavilan heard from his grandma when he was still little.. he composed the song but was actually made for a group of percussions.. thus keten keten, etc, cum cum, etc.." (parts also sang by the choir).

A "stage mother" like me will not miss to take photos of her children right after their concert so you'll also see those photos here.

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