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My Review of "Fresh Revision"

“Fresh Revision” is a new site authored by an internet expert named Vlad Bretgoltz. The titles of his last two posts convinced me to read more. In general, I can say that the posts were easy to read because of its simple and organized layout, and readable type and size of fonts. Though his posts are somewhat technical in nature, he uses simple words that can easily be understood. Readers can see for themselves, by checking his posts as follows:

How To Pick The Right Business Partner Every Time
Top 5 Reasons Why Blogs Fail

For somebody like me who’d like to try the internet business, I’d like to get help from an expert like Vlad. I hope to read from his site the following topics:

1. Creating a website – requirements and steps, preferably with illustrations or examples.
2. Recommended basic services in maintaining a website and the functions of each service.
3. Common problems encountered and solutions.

Since this is a review, I won't ask for more at this point in time. This is supposed to be a contest but I can say I enjoyed reviewing this blog even with just two posts. It gave me the opportunity to suggest at the initial stages of the blog. A few mistakes committed in English grammar or spelling is normal, so after correcting the errors and publishing, a blogger should again read the published post, edit if needed and republish.

When readers give honest comments or reviews and bloggers support one another, we can only expect that a blog will get better over time. This is my wish for “Fresh Revision” because many will benefit from this site and I am one of them.

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