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The Special Child's Rights

At first I thought I shouldn’t participate in blogging about Human Rights because there are a lot of bloggers who can beautifully discuss that issue. Until I realized that “human” includes every person, including my special child. What if no blogger will remember to talk about the rights of a “special child”? I will never forgive myself!

From the time a child is conceived, it has the right to be well taken cared of to be able to live! Any attempt to neglect the child through the food a mother eats or takes in, the fetus will immediately feel “rejection”. That fact is probably unknown to many. The child will remember that feeling until he or she is born. The mother can make up for it of course, but she has to have a thorough understanding of what transpired while the child was still inside her so she can patiently accomplish what needs to be done.

What about a special or disabled child? If his or her disability is congenital and not hereditary, the rejection he or she felt while inside the uterus is unimaginable! In that case the parents of this child will need all the help to be able to make up for the feelings of rejection this child remembers. But the reverse happens to a lot of families with a disabled child. This child is taken for granted, considered a shame to the family and so on and so forth.

Why did we adopt a special child who is blind and has cerebral palsy? Primarily because she has the right to live! Not to be taken for granted but to be loved as part of our family, just like our very own children.

Several times this special child fought to live! She was just one pound when she was born so nobody thought she was going to live. She was brought to the hospital together with the placenta, her umbilical cord uncut. After one day, she was traveled by car to be transferred to another hospital that had available incubators. There was an accident after her blood transfusion that she turned almost gray. She was discharged much earlier than expected because her neighboring babies died because of an epidemic. By the time this photo was shot, this special child was just taken home because of the epidemic at the hospital. Notice her very tiny head at one month and 20 days old, emphasized by the presence of the adults around her.

If you were counting, this child met five risks until she was taken out of the hospital. She met and surpassed five risks, at the time it was not even time for her to be born! All of us concerned about this child can’t help but ask “what is the mission of this child that she has to surpass all those risks and still live?”

Our special child's name is Lyca, and she will turn 6 this July. Through this post alone, I know a part of her mission is accomplished. Her story is a reminder that children like her have the right to live normally and be educated, and most importantly, the right to be loved!


{girl}forallstatus said...

Great post. The world needs more people like you. I have a daughter who has autism and I truly feel she's God's gift to us. She's an amazing child. She makes us happy everyday.

Noopur said...

Really Really impressed with your work :-)

Very different blog!!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful post. Thank you for sharing this heart felt story. I truly believe that although we teach our children many life lessons, many times it is us who are learning the best life lessons from them. Unconditional love, it's a beautiful thing! She is very lucky to have a Mom like you.

dr_clairebear said...

it was a very brave decision you made to adopt a special child like your daughter. i have had CP patients before, and i can only imagine how much effort and time it takes to take care of them. but you are doubly blessed because you have chosen to love, and i'm sure lyka's unconditional love has made everything worth it.

Penny Ronning said...

Thank you for this post and being a voice for Lyca and other special children in this world. Please, don't ever stop. Your voice is an important one and you use it well.

textonscreen said...

Hello Maria. I left a comment yesterday - 15th May 2008 - however it hasn't appeared. Nevermind. I am still here today! Thank you for being courageous and showing the world who you are. You are a wonderful person whom shows great love toward humanity. It is a pleasure to add you as a friend but moreover, a treasure to come in contact with you on such a day. Love and Hugs ... another mother.


Maria Luisa Taa Venida said...

Thank you very much for all your inspiring comments. Sometimes it takes a special child to teach people to love unconditionally. That was what I and the rest of our household consisting of 2 houses, learned from Lyca. We don't expect anything from her, so just a little sign of improvement and affection from her makes us very happy.

Maria Luisa or Lubel

Connie said...

What a great topic! This is a human right that I doubt many have thought of to blog about.

God bless you and your family especially Lyca. You are an inspiration to many. Thank you for being YOU!

Dave Donelson said...

An inspiring post. My special needs "child" is now 31 and living independently. Thanks for sharing your story.
Dave Donelson, author of Heart of Diamonds

Jackie said...

What a beautiful post. I wish more people were like you, the world would be a much nicer place to live in.

Wendy Lopez-Redaon said...

wow! Lyca is just soo blessed you adopted her despite her condition. Kudos to you and your family =) all the best for Lyca and may she have a long, happy and fulfilling life. God bless you and the family =)

irma J. fabian said...

Very inspiring! ! I was surprised when you said you would adopt a child at a time you were not in your prime age ... and a time when retirement was around the corner.... it is only now that i understand & appreciate... unconditional love is your answer ... great decision! ! I'm sure you & your family will be blessed a hundredfold!

willa said...

God bless you more!
I am a SPED teacher, and for me special children are gifts from God. They are unique gifts that needs to be opened with so much gentleness,patience and love.
I salute you..

Maria Teresa Tandiama said...

Good Day,
I read your blog post. it truly touched my heart. You and your child are so inspiring! I honor your family for having chosen to adopt, to take care of and to raise a child with total blindness and cerebral palsy as your own. I have vision and hearing impairments. At birth i also fought for my life due to a hole in my heart. I underwent heart surgery which, thankfully was success. I am also a client of RBI. I am delighted to hear of people like you who have big hearts that are willing to adopt, give love, care and treat children with special needs like Lyca. :-)
/god bless your good hearts.