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A new home for Wendy

My pet green turtle, Wendy, is now more than a year old and has grown as big as the round stone that was already present in her pool since she was a baby and less than half the size of the stone. She obviously deserves a bigger dwelling place, so we got her a bigger aquarium, but I don't intend to fill it with water. The glass all around will simply serve as the fence of her habitat, which consist of a small oval basin for a deep pool, a rectangular tray for a shallow pool, and a short branch of a tree to serve as a bridge, since turtles love crossing bridges. I have to create a practical habitat for her for easier weekly or bi-weekly maintenance.

I can never take Wendy for granted because of a miracle that she has shown us. You'll get my point if you've read one of my earliest post, Miracles Are For Animals Too.

Her space is also very practical because it is next to our kitchen sink and is situated at the northern part of our house where the green turtle symbolizes strength especially when alone, based on Feng Shui.

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