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Cordyceps, a wonder supplement

I was wondering what I am scheduled to blog about, until I checked the time and it was time for me to take my supplement, which was 2 capsules of Tianshi Cordyceps Mycellium. As I took them, I was telling my daughter how effective this supplement really is. I had colds and cough two weeks ago, and now they’re gone. A week ago, I was even able to sing with the choir during the mass. This never happened in the past, and I hope it will remain this way whenever I catch a cold, that it will always be short even when accompanied with cough later.

I don’t take antibiotics anymore, and I hope that will be forever. Whenever I believe I already need antibiotics, I just double the dosage of Cordyceps so I take 4 capsules each time. The regular frequency of intake is twice a day, but it shortened my cough when I took the same doubled dosage thrice a day (4 capsules three times a day), but I did that only for 3 days, so when I noticed that I improved, I went back to just twice a day intake, still four capsules each time but only for a few days again. Now I’m back to the normal intake of 2 capsules twice a day.

As instructed, I take Cordyceps with an empty stomach or two hours after eating, and with warm water, never cold water. Cordyceps is indeed a wonder supplement (discovered and studied thousand years ago) but probably it should really be sourced from a manufacturer using biotechnology like Tiens. The article "On the Trail of the Yak - Ancient Cordyceps in the Modern World" is really a good resource material that is why I’m mentioning it for the second time in this blog.

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