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Fearing cancer

When my children were still little, I’ve always feared for their health. But when they became grownups, I feared for my own health because my grandmother died of cancer at the age of 56. Some of my relatives who passed away, like Rio Diaz who was popular in the Philippines, died of the same cause at an earlier age.

To have cancer was a great fear so when a cyst was detected in my uterus because of occasional pain, I only waited to turn 45, which was 5 years after my cyst was detected, to undergo total hysterectomy. I was given HRT or Hormone Replacement Therapy right after the operation, but after a year, when I heard that the therapy will expose me to the risk of acquiring cancer of the breast, I stopped.

The turn of events after I was retired early from work, I realize now, quite fits me because I am now exposed to total awareness on how to prevent cancer. That is the main reason why this blog, “I Don’t Want To Retire!” has started to include health and wellness. I am beginning to learn a lot about the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM, which I find amazing. I want to share everything I learned in whatever subject, but TCM is not an easy subject. Rest assured that I will surely share what I will learn about TCM, once I figure out a style that can be easily understood by the readers.

For now, what I can share is a brief TCM learning that cancer of the breast can start with an imbalance in the liver. In TCM, imbalance refers to the qi (pronounced “chi”) or the flow of energy in the body. This coming December 15, I will undergo a sonogram of my breasts so I hope to share more about this topic after that.

Today, December 11, is my mother’s birthday. My only wish is for her to remain healthy. I hope to give her something for her health, and the most appropriate for her is Cordyceps supplement that was used by the ancient Chinese emperors and dignitaries to heal them from any illness. I prefer the Cordyceps manufactured by Tiens because I’m sure of its quality and I already have benefited from its effectiveness many times. I need to research though how I can purchase this from a Tiens branch in North America, Tiens Canada, and have it delivered to Las Vegas where my mother resides, since my mother has to take this supplement on a regular basis. What helped me confirm this choice of supplement was an article titled On the Trail of the Yak - Ancient Cordyceps in the Modern World.

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Anonymous said...

Hi! Someone very close to me died of cancer and along the way, I learned a lot about conventional and alternative medicine. I realized that purely alternative medicine, when the cancer is advanced is very risky and of course purely conventional med will just give you chemo till you die. In my search I was able to meet this doctor, Dr. Maria Salud Sison, a Nutritional Oncologist based in Makati who's approach is Integrative Complementary Medicine. Her approach is a bridge between all chemo conventional docs and all herbs docs and I have personally talked to her patients with CA stages raging from 1 to 4 and the best thing, she doesn't recommend chemo. Just wanna share. Her site is drmariasaludsison.multiply.com and also check "A World Without Cancer" on youtube. Its an international documentary about cancer and a filipino doctor, Dr. Manuel Navarro MD was mentioned. Dr. Sison trained Under Dr. Navarro before he died in 1992. Check out this documentary. Its full of insights and is very interesting...

God Bless