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Preventing cancer

Yesterday, I went to Makati Medical Center (MMC) to get the results of the sonogram of my breasts. It is about one block away from the office of Tianshi Phils. so I told my husband to just wait for me there since I haven't seen any male waiting inside the Breast Clinic of MMC. When I came back to Tianshi Phils., there were a number of distributors there, and one of them is my sister, Liza. My husband, Liza and I were comparing the current results with the results six months ago but there seems to be no change. What's more important however, is the printed result on the current findings saying "No features suspicious for malignancy".

The other distributors joined us when we were discussing what can be the best supplement that can prevent benign tumors from becoming cancer. There were suggestions, until one distributor told us about successful cases of people who underwent surgery to remove the affected part with cancer, and then went to her for therapy, by just lying on the mattress of Tiens. We knew that this is the best product of Tiens that can prevent illnesses, I even shared its features in my other blog, "Dreams List", because it is "A dream product". However, those who have cancer cannot use this mattress since it can even nourish the cancer. But for those who were already operated and the cancer was removed, they can lie on the mattress to prevent the regrowth of cancer.

I was convinced that this is the best product for me but we don't have extra funds to purchase it, nor sufficient funds for our daily expenses. I am now praying for the release of the check of the buyer of our townhouse by Pag-ibig Fund. The amount of the check is not even sufficient to fund 40% of our daily expenses for the coming year since we already have debts to pay for the next 18 months, but I think I have to prioritize this need for cancer prevention, so I need to allocate funds for it, "bahala na" (a popular Filipino belief meaning "come what may"}. I have to prepare around 50,000 pesos to purchase it, but I will be getting rebates maybe amounting to 8,000 pesos or more depending on my rank in Tiens by the time I'll buy it.

We also discussed the following prevention practices which I or anyone preventing cancer should accustom ourselves to, even before we get the Tiens Dream Bio-energy Mattress or any supplements:
1. No meat. It is the food of cancer.
2. Eat more fruits and vegetables.
3. No softdrinks and processed foods (no more ham and hotdog for me? OMG)
4. Exercise even by just walking 4 hrs. once a week.

One of my best friends whose one breast was operated for very early stage of malignant cyst has convinced me to come with her to the regular novena to the Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Baclaran every Wednesday. I have to walk fast from the jeepney station to the MRT station, walk to the LRT station and then walk to the church, and then after the novena is a back-and-forth walk with her to the small shopping malls around, so that ensures my regular weekly walking exercise. I haven't mentioned to her about the Tiens mattress so I feel obliged now to tell how it can help her avoid the growth of cancer cells.

To summarize the features of Tiens Dream Bio-energy Mattress, it has alternating magnetic therapy, germanium stones that will emit infra-red for a regulated number of minutes, tourmaline stones that will activate for another number of minutes to produce negative ions, and jade stones. There is a controller that regulates the number of minutes of stone activation. On the other hand, I know that the list of practices to prevent cancer I've presented here is too short, so there should be a part 2 of this post.

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