I Dont Want To Retire!

Probably the real essence of not retiring is not to stop thinking about beautiful ideas and experiences and sharing them.
I aspire to inspire with God's Good News to mankind, health and wellness, and many more.


Not Finding A Job But Finding More Friends

The reason why I enrolled in Interior Design after I learned I will be retired by end of 2005 was to be able to still work when I reach the compulsory retirement age of 65, and be able to continously support the special child whom we intended to adopt. While studying, I also had to help my husband run the coffee kiosk. There was also a time in 2006 we tried the call center business with my brother, but realized we will need a big sum of money for the monthly operations cost if we seriously want to pursue that business, and that scared us.

Every time I got involved with a new business, I stopped attending my Interior Design classes. It was a good thing that each term of the course was only 3 months so stopping temporarily was easy. In 2007 though, we were obliged to pay in cash a total amount of more than 800 thousand pesos for the balance of the lot we purchased in 2004, or our down payment will be forfeited. I needed to find a regular job so I stopped schooling again. This time I can’t tell if I can still go back to school since we no longer have the extra funds for it.

In the Philippines, looking for a job at my age is hard. I’m still hoping however, to be employed in the networking company that will soon open a branch here in the Philippines. I’ve chosen this company with the vision that I can help transfer its technology to my country, because I had the chance to assess this company's application systems in Singapore and found them very impressive. In the process of learning more about this company, I had the opportunity to travel to Singapore and Malaysia, and meet friends also from other Asia-Pacific countries like Taiwan, Hongkong, Thailand, Korea and Indonesia (photo was shot by Hendri Jap of Indonesia).

I can’t help but relate all these events to that mission of spreading God’s message, because there are now more people who can help me with that mission, regardless of religion.

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Ramelo said...

Good luck to you! Hope to attend a TM meeting with you again. Are you attending? Let me know, I'll be there as well. I'm at 0922 873 6555. Cheers and God bless :)